Why I started Freedom Nut

When I was 14 I was sexual abused and didn't start to deal with it until nearly 25 years later. When I recently heard what is happening at our southern boarder and how they are finding caves that the traffickers are using and the girls panties, and condoms and lube that is left behind, it broke my heart, infuriated me and made me want to cry. Wanting to do something, but not sure what to do, God reminded me of the Freedom Nut design that I came up with in 2016 but never did anything with. So, I thought I would finally start the apparel company I wanted to start back then, and take part of the profits from every item sold and give it to organizations that fight to give people their freedom back, like Operation Underground Railroad and the a21 Campaign which both fight human trafficking including sex trafficking of children, slavery and forced labor to name a few along with actually doing rescue missions to save children. Having been a victim of sexual abuse and still dealing with the emotional and mental consequences more than 25 years later, I understand the affect that abuse can have on a person for the rest of their lives. I'm not in law enforcement so the next best thing I can think to do is to help support the organizations that are fighting for freedom and helping to free people. Thank you for being a Freedom Nut and helping to free people around the world!